Mr. Nadeau's

Full Grade Level Music




  • Who Participates?
    All of the 4th and 5th grade students at your school.
  • Can my student opt out?
    No.  Music is a core subject and required by the state of California. Participation in music and the arts allows one to be more well-rounded; able to cooperate with others, and communicate ideas; able to be creative, and solve problems; able to recognize, understand, and appreciate beauty in the world around us.  Music has been shown to improve both scores in other subjects, and improves motivation and attendance.
  • What are the class choices?
    Band, Orchestra, Choir/Recorder
  • What instruments can they play?
    Flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, baritone, violin, viola, cello
  • Does the school district provide an instrument or do I need to rent my own?
    Many may have family members who have instruments at home not being used. Many families choose to rent or purchase to insure a higher quality instrument.  However, if you’d like help obtaining an instrument, especially for larger instruments such as baritone, please contact your music teacher. A limited number of instruments are available through the district on a first come first served basis.
  • Where do you recommend renting/purchasing an instrument?
    A list of music stores located throughout San Diego will be given to your child and is also available via the Handouts section off this website.  This is in no way constitutes a recommendation of where to shop.  Simply a list of music stores.
  • Can I purchase an instrument online?
    Though we certainly cannot say no, we certainly do not recommend it.  Purchasing an instrument online is always very risky.   You might get a good deal – you might not.  For example, purchasing a used instrument online that requires lots of repair work in order to make the instrumnet play is often far more expensive than obtaining a newer one from a music store to begin with.  Also, many instruments may be found online for incredibly low prices.  Unfortunately, the quality and materials used to make these instruments is often so low that the instrument will fail to function to the level needed to participate.  Also, as repair work/maintenance becomes necessary on these lower end instruments most local music stores will refuse to service them due to their low quality or simply inability to even be repaired.  Simply put, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Therefore, we strongly recommend going through a music store.  In that way, if anything goes wrong you can return it.
  • What other items do I need to obtain with my instrument?
    A list of additional supplies necessary to make your instrument such as reeds, oil, rosin, folders, etc. will be given to your student and is also available via the Handouts section off this website.
  • What size/brand clarinet or sax reeds should I purchase?
    As inexpensive as you can get!  Rico or Juno Brand.  Do not purchase professional quality reeds (La Voz/Vandoran) as the numbering system is slightly different and your Beginning student doesn’t yet have the embouchure to realize any benefit from the more expensive reed. Most students begin with a size 2.