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Introduction to Music

Instrumental Music Program

The Introduction to Music Program provides a hands-on experience for all 5th Grade students. Students are taught basic fundamentals such as: music notation, pitch and rhythmic concepts, music appreciation; as well as performance skills on their choice of one of two instruments: trumpet or clarinet. Each student is allowed to select the instrument of his/her choice at the beginning of the year and they remain on that same instrument throughout the course of the year. As students continue to progress and improve, they will be given opportunities to perform in various groups including the Area Cluster Concerts where students from the area high school, middle schools, and elementary schools perform together for the parents. By providing all students with equal access to music, we are confident it will help students be more successful in the Arts and encourage them to consider continuing in music programs as they enter middle school and high school, as well as generating a life-long appreciation for the Arts as a whole.